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  • 4x4" 100% Virgin Cambodian Lace Closure
  • 4x4" 100% Raw Virgin Burmese Curly Lace Closure 
  • 4x4 100% Raw Indian Wavy Lace Closure
  • Designed to give the hair a natural appearance actually growing from the scalp

Note: Closure knots do not come bleached.


SKU: 364215375135191
  • Hair Care Instructions 

    My Haute Lyfe %100 virgin hair 

    can be dyed, colored, and styled to desired customization. The texture is ultra soft and has minimal shedding. With proper weekly co washing you can keep and re use the hair for 1 -2 years. ⚡️



    Gently wash hair in luke warm water and ph balance shampoo. Apply rinse out moisturizing conditioner and air dry for best results. 

    For Lace frontals, closures, wigs : gently rub the lace with rubbing alcohol to remove all the glue and makeup from the lace before re applying